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“Emergya team have demonstrated proactivity, creativity and professionalism, but also patience and flexibility” Daniel Domingo, Program Manager Asset Marketing - HP Enterprise


HP’s Marketing Department was facing an increasing challenge: an enormous amount of marketing information had been generated by different teams in multiple regions but it was not easily findable, accessible globally and properly maintained over time.

They needed to create a single source repository to store, create and share collections and access HP marketing assets – campaign files, product images, videos, demos, icons, brand photography, infographics, etc.


We build the Asset HUB platform, a comprehensive online tool with a powerful index and search system and a lot of features to work with assets of different formats. Asset Hub employs simple navigation, powerful search and share features that make finding and retrieving assets easier.

Some of its features included:

  • Web Based Access: The costs of data transportation can be decreased with a DAM system. In addition, DAM systems can also transform media content without a need for a specialized application on the users’ machines.
  • Asset Licensing: provide self-service access for internal and external users to order digital assets, eliminating the administrative efforts needed to distribute content. Users can gain access to already licensed material or request usage rights for materials with a detailed rights structure.
  • Digital Rights Management: user privileges and release dates on content, organizations can limit asset leakage and control usage rights and restrictions based on the assignment of roles and asset groups, thereby providing effective digital rights management.
  • Audit History: provide complete audit history that tracks every transaction in the system. Companies loses significant amounts of money when unapproved assets are used publicly or new products are leaked to the public before release dates.
  • Accessibility: Asset Hub is a web based application so files are available wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Repurposing: Files are easily accessible and can be re-used saving time and money spent purchasing the same or similar assets again.
  • Security Controlled: Access to pre-release, restricted and private files can be controlled by the asset owner reducing the opportunity for leaks or other unauthorized use of files.
  • Organizational Collaboration: Facilitates collaboration among departments and outside vendors. The time spent sending big files is reduced and fewer human resources are used to fulfill material requests.
  • Brand Consistency Organizations: control brand consistency by controlling the message. The brand photography and iconography collections are updated regularly and available to all users.


  • Over 300.000 assets managed in the platform
  • Available for 20.000 internal users all over the world
  • Increased marketing efficiency by becoming the main source for marketing assets in the whole company
  • Improved user experience and satisfaction due to user feedback research made by HP marketing operations department

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