Website and e-Commerce to optimize conversion rates

UNICEF Spain is the Spanish branch of the United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF - a UN program that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

Unicef raises funds through donations from both individuals and organizations and is committed to protect children and keep them safe. UNICEF Spain requested our services because they needed to improve the results of their digital channels, so they started a comprehensive project including a total change of their corporate website and their e-Commerce platform.


We had various important objectives to meet:

  • Promoting Unicef ​​Spain online as a leader in maintaining children’s rights.
  • Improving the conversion rate to raise donations.
  • Increasing audience participation.
  • Simplifyng, integrate and improve internal processes, in a new backoffice.



We performed an intensive target audience analysis and fully redesigned the software architecture. We had to develop complex tailored workflows in order to integrate the new site with the existing partners and donors management tool. Finally, we perform a complete content migration from the old to the new platform, preparing it to be served in four different languages.


We consolidated the three old UNICEF online stores into a single online shop. Based on analytical and user research, we designed and implemented a complete new e-Commerce platform built in ubercart, a Drupal e-Commerce distribution. This new platform was optimized not only to maximize direct conversions, but to improve ROI from online acquisition sources


A complete integration of internal tools and online channels was carried out, connecting their legacy CRM with the online users databases, and from there with the web analytics system. That allowed them to have a 360º vision of their users, from offline to online touch points.



  • Donations from website increased by up to 20% just during the first six months
  • Several KPIs related to engagement and retention were drastically improved.


  • Star product (blue gift) increased its conversion rate by up to 10%
  • Seasonality of online sales could be decreased for other products

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