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Artificial intelligence sounds complex and overwhelming, but what if you could discover what Machine Learning can do for your business in a safe and agile way, hand in hand with Google Cloud, and apply it easily on a real business use case to get quick wins?. Let’s get into action.

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Recommendation engine

Improve a visitor's experience by offering relevant items at the right time and on the right page. Depending on your data and business context, there will be a perfect recommendation engine for your customers.

  • Sentiment analysis from posts, messages, images, etc…
  • Automatic translation on the fly to more than 80 languages
  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Audio transcription (messages, meetings…)
  • Text extraction from images (invoice, receipts, signals…)
  • Image content moderation (adult or violent content, spoof images…)
  • Not intrusive and fully integrated
  • Short release life-cycles
  • Based on proven Google technology
  • Measurable return of investment

Chatbot assistant

Chatbots scale supporting and commercial teams in their relations with customers, helping businesses to save a lot of money. But they are also good for the customers, as they can be available 24*7, reducing dramatically response times.

  • Automatic translation
  • Phone Gateway function
  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities
  • Automatic spelling correction
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Knowledge Connectors
  • Build faster, Go-to-market with a bot in hours.
  • Engage efficiently, natural language understanding
  • Maximize reach, 90+ languages and 32 platform integrations

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