The importance of Big Data

Nowadays we live completely surrounded by data, that’s a fact. It’s true that we have an overdose of hearing the term Big Data, that’s why we first have to explain it in order to talk about it.

Now we can do more, know more because we have more information, more data and so we can analyze and predict in a more efficient way. Before, it was a little bit complicated because there was less information available because of the limited access. 

By definition Big Data is: extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.

"More data doesn't just let us see more, more data allows us to see new, it allows us to see better, it allows us to see different". 

How can we make use of Big Data in an effective way? 

“So what is new about Big Data? What is the big deal?

Early societies also stored information in disks, and it hasn’t changed much, the difference now is that in the disks where we store information it’s easier to share, easier to process, easier to copy and easier to store. One of the key points of Big Data is that we can reuse all the information in many ways, ways in which it becomes useful and helpful for our society. So we can apply it to all the different industries. 

“Data has gone from a stock to a flow”

We have to learn to use the data that we are given in a more efficient way and make the most of it so it can help the society that we live in. Data can help in many aspects of our daily lives and we don’t even know it. Knowledge is power. 

For example, data could be able to prevent a car driver to have an accident because it could receive the signs that the driver is having fatigue and it could make the engine stop.

What's the value of Big Data? 

We can sum it in two main reasons: 

  1.  You have more information 
  2. You can do things that you couldn't do before 

The concept of Big Data is also related to Machine Learning (which is a branch of Artificial Intelligence). The general idea is that instead of instructing a computer what to do, you simply throw data at the problem and tell the computer to figure it out for itself. We should take Big Data and adjust it to our needs, not overexploit Big Data because we have to be very conscious about where to draw the line. 

"We have to be the master of this technology, not its servant"  - According to Kenneth Cukier we are not very good at handling all the data that we are given and the one that we can now collect, so we have to be cautious in how we use all this information. 

To conclude, it's very easy to judge a book from its cover, well, in this case, is very similar. People are constantly getting wrong conceptions of what Big Data is used for and what does it mean. In the same way, happens with terms such as Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. We don't have to fear technology or all the new things that will come, at the end of the day, it's best if we just take control of what we are, make and use so that we don't jump into wrong conclusions and make effective use of it. 


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