How to build a World-Class Marketing Organization: Management, Leadership and Culture

The challenge is this: the best marketing organizations have team leaders and channel leaders, and most people only think of team leaders.

If we asked a team leader what is most important to him, maybe he would answer: “First team and then product”. In this case for them, the success is that their team is satisfied and that it reaches all objectives. Not bad, but still it's not enough to be a good leader. 

In this post we will analyze and conclude with the last block, which is not less important (on the contrary) it's one of the most important blocks since nothing good serves a good structure, recognize talent, establish processes and the ecosystem if nothing of it is led in an adequate manner.

The best team leaders have to be first “business” and then “driver” and this is a very important change.

To be a good marketing organization, team leaders have to think first of the business, not a business partner but as a diver of their work, and this is an important mindset change.

But this is only half the battle because then we need great channel leaders, great directors or channel managers.

If we ask what is it to be a good channel manager? They would answer for example: “ a good channel manager is the one who manages to reach the objectives and overcome them”. But something is missing, there are many more things.

  • We need them to have a sense of responsibility, they have to be obsessed with what they put on the table and know what their mistakes are.
  • They have to have a strong point of view about how their channel is going to work, how it will grow now and in the long term.
  • Being able to respond to all types of inquiries: they have to have a solid business argument, proactive management.
  • Update everyone else about what is happening in your domain.
  • To get ahead of problems.
  • All this is proactive channel management, skill, diligence. The fact that they can leave the organization for a week and that everything works well because everything is documented and is clear to others.
  • Revolutionary versus evolutionary: think outside your domain to have a greater impact.
  • Comprehension of the complete funnel
  • Pride of the channel: always reading about what your channel could contribute to the organization, that kind of habit is contagious. This way you will have more resources and you will be faster so you will perform better. 

Each quarter you can rate your channel leaders using "scorecard" of this type: 

In this case, would they be good to channel leaders?

No, they are not at all. You cant be a top-level marketing organization fighting the competition with 10 or 20 people who are halfway there. No matter how good intentions they may have, you have to raise the bar, they will follow you. These scorecards sometimes require difficult conversations, which brings us to the following advice, and it is a principle:

You, as marketing leaders, as team leaders have to do the right thing while you try to do what is good for the team

It seems difficult but it's vital that you take this perspective when you make the decisions, and by the way, it's better for the team.


Most people believe that leadership is the same as management. Leadership can come from several parts: from some of the workers who have been in the company for 15 years or from others who on the contrary have almost arrived. 

What is certain is that it has to be a person who inspires a revolutionary work, someone who has charisma, who has that attraction that inspires others to work more, to raise the bar. A person who stays later and arrives early and of course helps others. 


  • Trust
  • Determination
  • Integrity
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Reputation 
  • Vision (charisma) 

Women tend to be better at the vision, men at the competition. 

Communication skills 

Most people believe that this is all about "speaking in the correct way" however, is not all, a good leader should: 

  • Have speaking skills 
  • Be assertive 
  • Have a sense of humor, ability to joke and break tensions
  • Master body language and eye contact  


  • Invest in leadership training: internal and external 
  • Talk to other leaders of similar companies 
  • Train your communication skills. Read, observe, study! 



In a culture of growth, people believe that their most basic skills can be developed through dedication and hard work: the brain and talent are just the starting point. This point of view creates learning and a capacity for recovery that is essential to achieve great achievements.

Lower your ego, speak of “we” not “I”, empathy and being extremely optimistic is what makes our culture fantastic.

Hiring leaders and employees with the feet on the ground should be one of your priorities. This ends up with a culture where everyone feels that their voices can be heard and there is a great level of freedom and empowerment.


The perfect marketing organization should have: 

The top marketing organizations worldwide haven't reached what they are by chance. They are built and designed with intention. They require time, energy and relentless obsession for constant improvement. 


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